Yes, I’m afraid. I never like anything to be changed. I want everything as it is. I don’t like when people change. I don’t like when things change. I don’t like when situation changes. I don’t like when opinion changes. I just don’t like. Once i felt CHANGE is not good for health. Its not […]

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Cynical thought!

The world is created with two kinds of attributes. Negative and Positive. When we tend to do things, we need to analyse the state of the situation. The world is full of optimists and pessimists. Where ever you go, you’ll find both kinds. But rather relaying on the world, think what your heart says. If […]

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That Night

It was 12.15am in the night. Its was about to raining , She was waiting outside her hostel. It seems dangerous. Yeah it was. Walking all alone on street at 12.15am. They were continuously chatting to wach other. But he couldn’t find her location. she started walking through the way but She thought to stay […]

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